Andreas Mattsson

Lecturer, researcher and journalist.


Lectures and Talks

Q&A – While We Watched

Podcast interview with Vibodh Parthasarathi and Andreas Mattsson

Panel talks about the Indian and European elections in Belgium

Interview: Social Media and Disinformation @ Vietnam Internet Forum

Panel talk: Digital for Good @ Vietnam Internet Forum 2019

Fake vs Fact: Source criticism and Propaganda @ Vietnam Internet Forum

Andreas Mattsson and Vibodh Parthasarathi joins SASNET as affiliated researchers

Talk show: ”What’s the state of today’s citizen journalism?”

Projekt: Ung i Malmö 2018

Workshop: Social media crisis communication

Projekt: Ung i Malmö – för fler röster om det unga Malmö

Talk: ”Fake news and Hate Speech practices in Sweden”

Workshop: Digital News and Editorial management

Seminar: Online hate and fake news

Seminar: Digital Do’s and Dont’s – the Indian experience

Panelsamtal: Välkommen till Gotland

Talk: Media Innovation in a Digital Context

Interview: A forum for journalists to exchange ideas

Panel talk: Media students – an outlook of the future media landscape

Panel talk: What are our future digital challenges?

Talk: The Digital Change in Swedish Newsrooms


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