The content of my lectures caters to a diverse audience, including scholars, journalists, students, and the general public. Recently, I gave a public talk on the occasion of Press Freedom Day 2024 at Regionmuseet in Kristianstad, Sweden.

In addition to lectures, I frequently host or participate in panel discussions and debates. A few notable examples include:

  • May 2024: To celebrate World Press Freedom Day, I organized a public lecture for the United Nations Association of Kristianstad titled ”Challenges and Opportunities in Journalism: Local and Global Perspectives.”.
  • November 2023: I participated in a panel addressing various issues related to press freedom and academic freedom, organized by Halmstad University.
  • October 2023: I hosted a panel discussing the future of journalism and strategic communication from a professional perspective. This event was arranged in collaboration with Campus Vänner, Helsingborg.
  • October 2023: I moderated a Q&A session with the film director Vinay Shukla at the Doc Lounge screening of the documentary film While We Watched on October 3, 2023. During the talk they discussed Vinay’s film making process, the future of journalism, the Indian media landscape and many more things.
  • February 2017: I hosted a panel talk in partnership with Media Evolution in Malmö, where five scholars from India and I shared insights on ”Digital Do’s and Don’ts.”

I have lectured on the growing digital media landscape in India and Vietnam to diverse audiences in Sweden. I have also discussed various aspects of the Swedish media system at several events in India and Vietnam.