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Lecturer, researcher and journalist.



Q&A – While We Watched

Nordmedia 2023

Podcast interview: Transforming Journalism in Vietnam

Boksläpp: Öppna frågor – en guide till bättre svar (in Swedish)

Exporting Journalism Culture to Vietnam: The Role of the Trainer in Two Swedish Media Aid Projects

Transforming journalism in Vietnam: An exploration of two Swedish Media aid projects

Book launch: Öppna frågor – en guide till bättre svar

Policy Brief: Using Social Norms to Fight Corruption in Local Governments

Media Education in an Uncertain and Polarized World

Research Scholarship from The Journalist Fund

2021 International Southeast Asian Media Studies Virtual Conference

Local Democracy Academy 2020

Book Chapter: Datafication as a Trend for Journalism: a Journalist’s Perspective

Podcast interview with Vibodh Parthasarathi and Andreas Mattsson

Project: Social Information and Hybrid Power

PhD-student at University of Helsinki

Panel talks about the Indian and European elections in Belgium

Book chapter: ”Debunking False News: Inside and Outside the Classroom”

Interview: Social Media and Disinformation @ Vietnam Internet Forum

Panel talk: Digital for Good @ Vietnam Internet Forum 2019

Fake vs Fact: Source criticism and Propaganda @ Vietnam Internet Forum


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